2004-10-16 → 2004-10-20 Branch builds

  • Fixed: 243504 – filename of attachment is truncated at the first # (numbersign) or ; (semicolon)
  • Fixed: 263051 – problems with official thunderbird branding icon for locale start page
  • Fixed: 265014 – Allow creation of virtual folders that search offline instead of online
  • Fixed: 263348 – Unable to move a Virtual Folder back to its previous locations.
  • Fixed: 264810 – Wrong file shipped as replicationProgress.properties
  • Fixed: 263255 – Improve thread pane UI for message grouping
  • Since 19th Sep 03: 219689 – After login, gets stuck at “Getting server configuration info”
  • Since 24th Oct 03: 223600 – crash (internal error with JVM manager) opening messages with certain viewable attachments when Java plugin enabled
  • Since 30th Jun 04: 249240 – Password dialog for POP/IMAP server does not reprompt when password is changed externally.
  • Since 8th Oct 04: 263546 – Security risk: TB uses IE to open javascript pop-up in news-feed items

Quoted from mscott over @ mozillaZine forums:

“Starting with today’s 10/18 builds, you can now help test one of our new 0.9 features, saved search folders (aka virtual folders). A saved search folder looks like a regular mail folder but when you click on it, it runs a pre-determined search on arbitrary search criteria and arbitrary mail folders and shows you the results, creating the effect of a ‘virtua’ folder. We just checked in our User Interface for creating and editing saved search folders and can use your testing help.”

Summary of the New Behavior & Known Issues

“And a big thanks to David Bienvenu for doing all the heavy lifting in the mailnews back end to support saved search folders.”

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion on 2004-10-19 builds) (2004-10-20), moox’s

Linux builds: Official Linux (2004-10-20)

Mac builds: Official Mac (2004-10-20)