September 5th – September 9th Branch Builds

  • Fixed: 250637 – Remove broken “Power Search” feature that was never really implemented
  • Fixed: 254047 – Bad selection from “to & cc & bcc” (dialog Select Addresses)
  • Fixed: 257381 – [ps] Refactor printer list logic for the postscript module
  • Fixed: 258217 – Windows DDE code should extract application name from nsXREAppData
  • Fixed: 258470 – XULRunner shouldn’t use firefox migration service
  • Since 21st Dec 01: 116443 – Deleted inbox after receiving virus infected mail (McAfee, Norton)
  • Since 19th Sep 03: 219689 – After login, gets stuck at “Getting server configuration info”
  • Since 15th Dec 03: 228550 – [import] Importing mail messages from Eudora stops after a little time, without any message, then crashes [@ ntdll.dll – nsEudoraCompose::ConvertSysToUnicode ]
  • Since 10th May 04: 243167 – Platform-specific en-mac/unix/win.jar localization files not all included for each distribution
  • Since 16th Jun 04: 247154 – Inline vCard Editing UI Lacks Home Address Editing
  • Since 12th Jul 04: 251079 – Treecols in AB search dialog displays only some columns.
  • Since 8th Aug 04: 254807 – [import] Import of Eudora Mailboxes misses last couple emails in a mailbox
  • Since 19th Aug 04: 256221 – crash running filter on an IMAP folder [@ nsImapMailFolder::MarkMessagesRead ]

Shifting focus to the Aviary 1.0 branch as of this post. The bug list has been tidied up in preparation for the 0.8 release of Thunderbird. (Draft Release Notes, post your feedback)
Bugs targeted for 0.8 are here.
– Those no longer listed above may still be present as a regression, but may no longer be in development.
– These currently listed above may be blocking Aviary 1.0 (or its sub-branches), or are blocker bugs.

CSS style sheets will be implemented… EDIT: Done!

Important note from Scott MacGregor over at Mozillazine Forums which applies as of this build:
“The version string has been bumped to 0.8 to help test out the new extension manager changes. Any extensions that aren’t listed on as being compatible with 0.8 will get disabled upon first launch.”

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion) (8-9-2004), moox’s, pigfoot’s

Linux builds: Official Linux (8-9-2004)

Mac builds: Official Mac (8-9-2004)