End August Status Update

My thoughts: It has crossed my mind that there have several critical and blocker bugs whose status has not been updated for a long time. With the impending release of TB 0.8 (or possibly 1.0 to match Firefox) these two “blocker” bugs and/or their status need relooking immediately: 219689 and 243167. Moreover, several “old” bugs like 215183 perhaps do not apply now due to advances to in TB code for a year. This would need verification though, but their statuses should be verified and changed as appropriate. There has been some progress made at 58612 as the screenshot there is pretty impressive regarding realtime spellchecking. Our priority should be to reduce the critical / blocker bugs asap over at the TB section of Bugzilla. Finally, the MHTML bugs in the list are there because I am a big fan of archiving webpages in MHTML format. This cannot yet be done in Mozilla / Firefox standalone, but recently I discovered an extension over @Mozdev that will help to temporarily alleviate this problem. As of this day I will provide links to third-party TB builds with MMX/SSE/SSE2 extensions. Download the appropriate one for your processor (you can check yours using a utility called CPU-Z) and report any problems in the authors’ threads @MozillaZine. These optimised builds do offer a speed increase, but at the same time, they *might* compromise on stability. Updates will continue every 5-9 days as usual due to the slower progress of TB compared to Firefox. Even though the progress in TB is going at a slower rate than its companion, I really hope that both products can slip out of Mozilla’s & Netscape’s shadow and be truly well received, stable and popular freeware. I have never encountered another set of open-source software (maybe besides Linux) that has such an aggressive marketing campaign, a bunch of dedicated developers, and two very unique “Edging” sites devoted to changes in product codes. Together, we should help spread word about Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird, for them to get the attention that they truly deserve. Feel free to pen your thoughts in the comments section.