August 5th – August 9th Trunk Builds

Checkins: Fixed: 253775 – Provide interface to setting fz:quickMode in feeds.rdf Fixed: 254008 – Localization issue in Account Wizard Fixed: 254661 – Increase default biff interval for RSS Feeds Fixed: 254474 – Look into the “Message Body” Quick Search Critieria for IMAP users Fixed: 254493 – Errors when trying to subscribe to multiple feeds at the same time Fixed: 254133 – In News Feed Properties dialog “Store Feed Articles in” combo doesn’t have the default folder, “News & Blogs”, in the dropdown list. Top critical & blocker bugs: Since ~19th Aug 03: 215183 – Program freezes when opening large (over 100K) messages Since ~26th Aug 03: 214342 – Program fails to display folders with large numbers of emails in them(13,000) Since ~22nd Sep 03: 219372 – The filename of the attachments become wrong with huge email i.e. 271 files – 2.5 Mb Since ~22nd Sep 03: 219689 – After login, gets stuck at “Getting server configuration info” Since ~6th Nov 03: 224878 – pop account permanently blocked with hourglass Since ~19th Apr 04: 240819 – Crash in mail.dll when checking mail Since ~24th Apr 04: 241609 – [Mac only] crash at 0x00706d68 NSGetModule + 0x2374 when selecting messages in INBOX Since ~10th May 04: 243167 – Platform-specific en-mac/unix/win.jar localization files not all included for each distribution Since ~12th May 04: 243442 – [Mac only] Crash on Mac OS X when sending e-mail Since ~25th May 04: 244601 – Mail inside local mailbox lost after getting mail from POP3 server Interesting bugs: Since ~18th Dec 00: 58612 – Need realtime spellchecking mechanism Since ~22nd May 01: 82118 – Tracking bug for Saving/Sending/Viewing HTML pages (e.g., as a single file, MHTML) Since ~5th Nov 02: 178506 – save original timestamp (last-modified date) on file downloads Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (no discussion thread on this day’s build @ MozillaZine Forums) (9-8-2004) Linux builds: Official Linux (9-8-2004) Mac builds: Official Mac (9-8-2004)