XML (or RSS) problem

Apparently my blog entries do not render correctly compared to TBE’s as shown in the MozillaZine Feedhouse. Does anyone know why? I have no expertise in using XML or RSS for that matter. Thanks to Peter Lairo for bringing this up. Edit: The RSS problem has been fixed. It now shows up perfectly in feedhouse. Thanks Jesse! =================================================================== —————————– TBE’s RSS entry in Feedhouse: —————————– The Burning Edge — 2004-07-27 Branch builds * Fixed: 253118 – Cookies don’t work; Privacy Options broken (just yesterday’s build). * Fixed: 246078 – URLs from other apps result in Firefox opening the first hit on Google for “StartDDE” (which is The Burning Edge) (since July 24). * Fixed: 246078 – URLs from other apps result in two Firefox windows or a window and an error dialog (since ~March 15 or ~June 8). * Fixed: 245406 – Display domain in status bar for secure sites. * Fixed: 232708 – Ctrl+F4 does not close tab when address bar has focus. * Fixed: 191410 – Modifying bool prefs in about:config should just toggle instead of prompting for a new value. * Fixed: Updates to Help, including help for the new Find bar, the reorganized Web Features options panel, and the new cookie options. * Fixed (?): Some folks see the undetermined progressmeter draw past the edge of the progressbar. * Since July 27: 253288 – [WindowsXP with Luna] At secure sites, the Lock icon missing from the status bar. Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), bangbang’s O2 G7 SSE2, moox’s builds Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer Mac builds: Official Mac Full Article by jesse at July 27, 2004 08:43 PM =================================================================== —————————– TRE’s RSS entry in Feedhouse: —————————– The Rumbling Edge — July 21st – July 28th Trunk Builds Checkins: Fixed: 249838 – Enable Webservices for Supporting Extensions Manager Fixed: 253055 – Use a folder listener to track folder name changes and deletions Fixed: 253359 – Artwork for RSS folders and posts Fixed: 252056 – Thunderbird should set itself… Full Article by skywalker at July 29, 2004 07:52 AM =================================================================== Was there any special RSS setting I should have made in movable type?