Welcome to The Rumbling Edge!

This blog is meant to provide (probably 5-9 days between posts) weekly Mozilla Thunderbird checkins in a list. This blog was set up in response to numerous user requests regarding a The Burning Edge-like blog for Mozilla Thunderbird. This is now the permanent site of the blog. The previous site @ Blogspot still exists and will serve as the July 2004 archive of Thunderbird checkins. Well, that’s it for now. There will be several site tweaks around as I seek to change the look of the site and add some links. Enjoy! Edit: The previous site @ Blogspot apparently no longer exists, so the July 2004 archive of Thunderbird checkins has been lost. For more information about my previous contributions to Thunderbird (installers) or history of the Rumbling Edge, do check out this or this forum post. Additional information is available over here & here. Edit 2: Blogspot site is back up. Last updated: 06 Oct 2005 & 11 Oct 2007.