June 4th – June 9th Thunderbird Checkins [Latest bug-fixes 1st]

Fixed: 245814 – blockquote syntax error – mail/base/skin/messageQuotes.css [Mail Window Front End]
Fixed: 216509 – Download more in spellchecker’s language pull down does not work [Message Compose Window]
Fixed: 245430 – Investigate static build version of thunderbird [Build Config]
Fixed: 214896 – Main window title should not show message subject [Mail Window Front End]
Fixed: 245741 – Re-use qute artwork for shared imap folder icons [Mail Window Front End]
Fixed: 245325 – [Contacts side bar is empty in the compose window] and [“Add to Address Book …” pane isn’t filling in] [Message Compose Window]

Major outstanding bugs:

Since ~16th Aug 03: 215897 – “Tools > Search Addresses “, clicking Advanced button in Address Book crashes Thunderbird in js3250.dll
Since ~4th Sep 03: 218258 – Reply-to email lacks quoting of standard emailheaders
Since ~2nd Oct 03: 221030 – Unable to setup IMAP over SSL using the New Account Wizard
Since ~10th May 04: 243167 – Platform-specific en-mac/unix/win.jar localization files not all included for each distribution
Since ~12th May 04: 243442 – Crash on Mac OS X when sending e-mail

Interesting bug:
Since ~18th Dec 00: 58612 – Need realtime spellchecking mechanism