May 28th – June 3rd Thunderbird Checkins [Latest bug-fixes 1st]

Fixed: 244457 – Don’t show vCards as external attachments [Mail Window Front End]
Fixed: 245196 – add color to quoted message parts [Mail Window Front End]
Fixed: 225641 – Installer should ask where to put icons [Installer]
Fixed: 244209 – Offline Settings > KB value not be stored for ‘Compact folders if it will save over ….’ [Preferences]
Fixed: 165610 – low hanging perf fruit [Mail Window Front End]
Fixed: 244800 – Minor menu item re-organization [Mail Window Front End]

Major outstanding bugs:

Since ~16th Aug 03: 215897 – “Tools > Search Addresses “, clicking Advanced button in Address Book crashes Thunderbird in js3250.dll
Since ~4th Sep 03: 218258 – Reply-to email lacks quoting of standard emailheaders
Since ~2nd Oct 03: 221030 – Unable to setup IMAP over SSL using the New Account Wizard
Since ~10th May 04: 243167 – Platform-specific en-mac/unix/win.jar localization files not all included for each distribution
Since ~12th May 04: 243442 – Crash on Mac OS X when sending e-mail

EDIT: Thanks for all your comments so far, to all who have contributed!