I will probably be moving to a new server from geocities. I’ll work it out asap.

Meanwhile post here if you have any problems. Anyway I need to find out the minimum specs for the installer to work, so if the installer works for you, pls post ur amount of ram and ur operating system there.

Quote from myself:

“Please do me a favour by posting ur amount of ram and ur operating system if the installer works for u.
(And if it doesn’t; specify too. Microsoft operating systems only, .exe files don’t work on Mac OS X or Linux or…)

I want to know the minimum specifications for which the installer works.
Let me know if the installer is self-extractable from that .exe file if you have less than 16mb ram.
(Which I don’t think will work; it’s hopefully worth a try anyway)


I’ve decided that I will continue the maintenance of new installers, until a milestone release of thunderbird comes out, with which a web install will be sufficient. Until then, come back often!